Do I Need a Separate SSL Certificate for WWW and Non-WWW Domains?

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All Comodo CA SSL Certificates secure both WWW and non-WWW domains. 

Does a Single-Domain SSL Secure WWW and Without the WWW Version of My Domain? 

Yes! All Comodo-Powered by Sectigo single domain SSL certificates, secure both, WWW and non-WWW version of your domain name. Single domain Organization Validated (OV) and Extended Validated (EV) SSLs also cover both versions by default.  

Does It Cost Extra to Secure the WWW Version of My Website If I’ve Bought a Certificate for a Non-WWW Domain? No. With Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA), you don’t have to buy a new SSL certificate or pay anything extra for securing both the WWW and non-WWW versions of a domain name. There are no hidden costs. Even with our cheapest SSL certificate, a PositiveSSL certificate that costs $9.98 per year, both versions of the domain are covered. 

Do I Need A Wildcard SSL to Secure WWW and Non-WWW Domains? 

No. If you have a non-www and fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) of the same domain, a single domain (standard) SSL certificate would be enough to cover both.  

However, if you have multiple subdomains that you need to cover, then you need a wildcard SSL certificate.  

For example,  

Scenario 1: If you want to secure only two versions of your domains — and — a single domain SSL would be fine. 

Scenario 2: If you want to secure the first level of subdomains (other than — such as or — a single domain SSL will not be enough. You must buy a wildcard SSL certificate.   

PositiveSSL Certificate Positive SSL Wildcard PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (unlimited)
Starting from $9.98/year Starting from $85.66/year Starting from $29/year

What Additional Technical Steps Do I Need to Take to Enable HTTPS on Both WWW and without-WWW Domains? 

Generate certificate signing request (CSR) for your www domain. Input the WWW version of your domain in Domains field of CSR form. 

It will automatically take care of the bare domain (without WWW) and enable HTTPS for both the domains. 

csr generation

Use 301 redirects to redirect your visitors from the non-WWW domain to the WWW version.  

How Much Does It Cost Install An SSL Certificate On A Domain With WWW And Without?  

As we mentioned above, all our SSL certificates cover WWW and non-WWW domains by default. So, the price for all our certificates is inclusive of both versions. Check out Sectigo’s discounted rates on SSL certificates, which are exclusively available at   

Note: For Multi-domain/SAN SSL www and non-www domains are required to be added individually and not provided by default.

SSL Certificate Type SSL Certificate Name Price/Year Warranty Product link
Single Domain DV PositiveSSL Certificate $9.98 $50,000 READ MORE
Single Domain OV InstantSSL Certificate $33.69 $50,000 READ MORE
Single Domain EV PositiveSSL EV Certificate $88 $1,000,000 READ MORE
Wildcard SSL DV Positive SSL Wildcard $85.66 $50,000 READ MORE
Wildcard SSL OV InstantSSL Premium Wildcard $133.78 $250,000 READ MORE
Multidomain DV PositiveSSL Multi-Domain $29 $50,000 READ MORE
Multidomain OV Sectigo OV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate $149 $1,000,000 READ MORE
Multidomain EV Positive SSL EV Multi-Domain $158.44 $1,000,000 READ MORE
Multidomain Wildcard SSL DV PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard $174.13 $50,000 READ MORE
Multidomain Wildcard SSL OV Sectigo OV Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate $744 $1,000,000 READ MORE