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Sectigo Enterprise Code Signing adds a layer of authentication to your applications, assuring customers that their downloads are from a verified publisher and haven't been tampered with. Build trust and protect your software with a solution that's easy to manage and scale across your entire enterprise.

Enterprise Code Signing

Sectigo Code Signing Certificates are used by software developers and engineers the world over. It's because the type of assurances that they provide are critical to the success of their products.

Sectigo Code Signing Benefits Your Business

Prevent Costly Data Breaches
Build Customer Confidence

Users want peace of mind before they choose to download and install a file. Code Signing certificates assure them that the application is from a trusted source and hasn’t been tampered with at any point.

Prevent Costly Data Breaches
Eliminate Warnings

It can be the difference between a download and a bounce. Browsers, antivirus programs and operating systems display warning signs and won't allow downloads that don’t have a digital signature from a code signing certificate.

Prevent Costly Data Breaches
Protect Your Brand

Users are more likely to trust a brand that provides signed applications and software. No one wants to get malware or viruses from a download. Code signing shows you are dedicated to security and the safety of your users.

Prevent Costly Data Breaches
Ensure Software Integrity

Like shrink wrap that’s used to protect a physical product, code signing instantly tells your users that the software hasn’t been tampered with by a third party. They’re getting untouched software that doesn’t contain any unpleasant surprises.

Code Signing for Every Use Case

IoT Devices
Prevent Costly Data Breaches

Use code signing in IoT applications to ensure the integrity of device software and firmware updates. Prevent tampering by outside sources that could compromise the device and affect your users.

Avoid Costly Phishing Attacks

Integrate code signing certificates into your team’s workflow to protect the containers that they’re working with. Safeguard the code they run and the production applications that make use of it.

App Development
Protect Your Brand

Add a powerful layer of security to both internal and external applications. Users will know what they’re using came from a trusted developer and hasn’t been tampered with.

Software Updates
Protect Your Brand

Code signing certificates let you provide trusted updates to your users. By signing them with the same certificate as the original application, users know exactly where it came from.

Take Trust to the Next Level with EV Code Signing

Sectigo Extended Validation Code Signing certificates are the choice for maximum user trust. They include all the benefits of standard code signing certificates, but offer an array of additional features that further increase security and strengthen your brand:

  • Only an EV Code Signing certificate removes the Microsoft SmartScreen filter that’s present in Windows 8.0 and later, Internet Explorer 9, and Microsoft Edge
  • Protects your private key from theft with a physical USB hardware token and PIN
  • The rigorous vetting process of EV Code Signing certificates will help boost your reputation with your users

Buy a Code Signing Certificate

If you only need a single code signing certificate, you can purchase a code signing certificate right away. (If you need a more robust code signing setup, scroll down for more info.)


Verifies Publisher Identity
Removes Unknown Publisher Warnings
Displays Verified Publisher Name
Automatic SmartScreen Reputation
Physical USB Token Storage

Sectigo Code Signing Certificates


Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificates

PSI DSS Certified
Maximum Compatibility

Supports all major 32-bit and 64-bit file formats

  • Microsoft Authenticode (.exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, .xap, kernel files)
  • Adobe Air
  • Java
  • MS Office Macro
  • VBA

Manage & Scale Code Signing Certificates with Sectigo Certificate Manager

Sectigo Certificate Manager eliminates the stress of certificate management and lets your dev team focus on what they do best: developing software. Ensure the ongoing integrity of your applications with key features:

  • Certificate Discovery - Real-time, in-depth scanning finds all the certificates across your networks, from all CAs. You’ll see the issuing CA, expiration date, signature algorithm, and ciphers.
  • Full Lifecycle Management - Sectigo Certificate Manager keeps your software safe by automating the enrollment and renewal of your code signing certificates. You can also revoke certificates (if, for example, there is a staff change or a server is replaced) with a single click to control access.
  • Easy Provisioning - Configure programs and policies once, then push them to all users, devices, and applications. Sectigo Certificate Manger supports the most common automation standards such as ACME, EST, SCEP, and Microsoft CA’s proxy agent.
  • Enhanced Reporting - View the status of your code signing certificates all on a single portal, maximizing visibility and making unpleasant surprises a thing of the past. All the information you need is right at your fingertips, only a few clicks away.
  • Secure Key Storage - The protection of your private code signing keys is critical, and Sectigo Certificate Manager securely stores them in the end point’s trusted key storage, including Windows 10 Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), Apple’s Secure Enclave, or Sectigo’s software-based secure certificate storage.

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