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Automated Certificate Management That Scales With Your Business

The most powerful certificate manager is also the easiest to use, whether you have 50 certificates or 50,000. Designed for modern enterprises, Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) takes the burden off your staff and reduces security risks by helping you:

  • Minimize Downtime. SCM keeps you on top of upcoming certificate expirations. Expired certificates can result in service downtime, which in turn leads to unhappy customers and a hit to your bottom line.
  • Avoid Breaches. When certificates expire or aren't properly deployed across your enterprise, dangerous security vulnerabilities are created. These can be exploited by attackers and result in costly data breaches.
  • Stay Compliant. Manual certificate management is time consuming and difficult, which leads to mistakes being made. Besides causing you stress, these lapses can lead to expensive compliance fines. With SCM, it's all automated.

Sectigo Certificate Manager prevents problems before they happen. Save time, reduce resource usage, and say goodbye to the stress of certificate management.

Why Choose Sectigo Certificate Manager?

All-In-One Platform
All-In-One Platform

Manage your certificates, enterprise-wide, all
from one dashboard. Discovery, reporting,
installation, and renewal is a click away.

Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage

Protect every single server, application, user,
and device with flexible security solutions and
pricing models that fit your exact needs.

Private CA
Private CA

Create and manage your own private
certificate authority for coverage across your
enterprise, supplementing your existing
Microsoft CA.

Enhanced Reporting
Easy Integration

Direct integrations with the most popular
applications, DevOps tools, and automation
standards. Even build a custom integration
with our robust API.

Automated Deployment
Automated Deployment

Quickly and easily issue and install
certificates across all devices, with a single
click. Save the time of both your IT staff
and your end users.

Custom Access Control
Custom Access Control

Your team members will have different access
needs depending on their role. Highly
customizable access controls make it easy to
give the right capabilities to the right people
and result in increased efficiency.

End-to-End Management From a Single Portal

Sectigo Certificate Manager takes care of your digital certificates from cradle to grave—and every step in-between. Make your job easier and get rid of the certificate management headache with:

Certificate Discovery

Waking up to a service outage resulting from an expired certificate is a living nightmare. Make unpleasant and unexpected surprises like that a thing of the past. With both a public discovery scanner and agents for scanning private networks, Sectigo Certificate Manager can find, catalog, and keep track of every certificate in your organization.

Certificate Discovery
One-Screen View

One-Screen View

No need to visit multiple pages, dig up spreadsheets, or fire up SSH—you'll be able to see all of your certificates in one handy dashboard. Quickly sort/filter by organization, department, status, validation level, type, CA, signature algorithms, and more to drill down and find the certificates you're looking for.

Instant Alerts

It's easy to miss when a certificate, service, or device needs attention. You don't have time to manually check every server and certificate on a regular basis. That's why Sectigo Certificate Manager's alerting system is so powerful—it ensures that if there's a problem, you'll find out right away. Sectigo Certificate Manager allows you to create custom notification settings, so the right person gets the notification—every time.

Instant Alerts

Powerful, Cost-Saving Features

Auto Install
& Update

Repeatedly copy/pasting CSRs and certificates? SCM automatically installs them. Plus, you won't have to worry about expirations either. SCM automatically renews and installs them and includes built-in agents for Windows servers, Linux servers, and Active Directory.

Simple Approval Flows

Make it easy for different teams and departments to quickly make requests for new certificates, as needed. Sectigo Certificate Manager centralizes requests and makes it easy for admins to approve or reject them with the click of a button.

Automated S/MIME Installation

Manually installing and managing S/MIME certificates is a hassle—Sectigo Manager makes it easy. With an Active Directory integration, Sectigo Certificate Manager can issue, validate, install, and renew S/MIME certificates—all automatically.

Point & Click Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting is the bane of every IT administrator. Manually generating them is time consuming, frustrating, and prone to errors. With Sectigo Certificate Manager, you can run scans with a single click and ready-to-send reports are automatically generated.

Simple Certificate Management for Every Use Case

Instant Alerts
Web Servers
  • Public sites (SSL)
  • Internal sites (TLS)
Instant Alerts
  • Web servers (SSL)
  • Containers (TLS)
  • Code signing
Instant Alerts
Connected Devices
  • Desktops
  • Mobile
  • Networking gear
  • IoT
Instant Alerts
  • Basic network access
  • Wi-Fi
  • VPN
  • Hello for Windows
  • File encryption
Instant Alerts
  • Email signing (S/MIME)
  • Email encryption (S/MIME)
Instant Alerts
Digital Signatures
  • Code signing
  • Document signing
  • Email signing
Instant Alerts
Public/Private Cloud
  • Cloud (TLS)
  • Key vaults
  • SSH key management

Learn How Sectigo Enterprise Solutions Can Secure Your Organization

See how easy it can be to secure your organization with PKI. Request a demo or pricing information by filling out the form below. Our engineers can help you identify how Sectigo Enterprise Solutions can meet your needs and integrate with your existing systems.

Why Choose Us?

We Offer the Most Trusted Brands

We Offer the Most
Trusted Brands


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A 30 Day Money Back

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