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SSL Certificate Reseller Program

There’s never been a better time profit off SSL

Since July of 2018, SSL has been a requirement for any website that doesn’t want to be label "Not Secure." That means that everyone needs a digital certificate nowadays. Wouldn’t you like to be selling something that everyone has to buy? You can with our Reseller program. We’ve been partners with Sectigo long before the name change. We get the best deals on SSL certificates and we’re happy to pass those savings along to you so that you can add revenue to your bottom line.

Not everyone qualifies to be a reseller, we’re looking for web hosts, developers, designers, IT companies and security specialists that want to add SSL to their product offerings. The program is complete FREE to join. There’s no upfront costs. No contracts. And you’ll have our full support. We want you to succeed. We do better when you do better. And we’re good at this: so far our partner programs have generated over $35-million in partner revenue.

The Best Pricing

Our resellers get the best pricing on Sectigo SSL certificates. In fact, we guarantee that we'll match or beat any competitor's pricing. Not to mention, our pricing structure is set up to reward our most loyal resellers.

The more you buy and sell, the greater your discounts become. Our pricing structure consists of four levels:

  • Silver (starter level)
  • Gold ($2,500+)
  • Platinum ($5,000+)
  • Titanium ($10,000+)

And if you’re reselling for someone else, we want you to switch! That's why we will apply your past two years of SSl sales from any other provider to your loyalty balance. Just show us your receipts.

To take advantage of the best pricing in the industry and join our reseller channel, click here.

The Best Enablement Programs

We want you to succeed and we’re always dreaming up ways to help you capture more of the market. These programs are meant to enable you to sell even more. Some of the high points are:

  • Unparalleled pricing and marketing support of EV SSL certificates, including white label marketing and product training.
  • Discounts on bulk orders of high-end SSL certificates
  • Pricing upgrades for resellers that refer friends or associates to our reseller program.
  • A comprehensive welcome kit that includes a complete product guide, white label slide show presentation and a virtual business card for your account manager.
  • An exclusive reseller-only website that includes SEO tips, PPC research, lead-gen techniques, white label website content, email campaigns, sales training and much, much more.

Like we said, we do well when you do well. So it’s in everyone’s best interest for us to do everything we can to make you the most profitable SSL reseller possible.

For full access we invite you to join our reseller program.

The Best Support

We’re always open. With offices on four continents and 24/7 support throughout the global workday (and weekends) there’s never a point in time where we can’t be reached. Even better, you’ll be assigned your own account manager that will work directly with you to help you capture as much of the market as possible. Nobody else supports their resellers like we do.

You’ll also have access to a state-of-the-art control panel where you can:

  • Order digital certificates
  • Cancel orders
  • Track Renewals
  • Renew certificates
  • Communicate with Clients
  • Receive account statements
  • Perform competitive research

There’s not another SSL service on Earth that does more for its resellers. We’re always here if you need us.

If you’d like to have a team of SSL specialists at your beckoned call, join our reseller program.

The Best Integration

There’s no shortage of options for how our resellers can integrate with our system. We have a robust REST API (also, SOAP). Or we also have SDKs for PHP users.

There are myriad ways to process orders via API:

  • You can use a white label clone of our website that can be customized to your liking. We’ll host it on our servers.
  • You can use the control panel to issue certificates and communicate with customers, this requires no development.
  • We can set you up so that you can code the API calls, but handle the provisioning of certificates on your own site.
  • Or, as soon as the purchase is completed, our system can generate a quick invite link that is ready to email to a customer. The provisioning process of the certificate takes place on the Sectigo's website and is then issued by Sectigo.

We’ve also developed a number of fully-integrated application plug-ins for the most common hosting and billing automation platforms.

For access to our robust API, join our reseller program.

The Best Plug-Ins

We’ve developed state-of-the-art plugins for the most popular billing and hosting platforms. These are designed to make the entire process simpler and more straightforward.

  • ClientExec
  • PBAS
  • PBA
  • Plesk
  • IPSystem
  • HostBill

We’re always creating new plugins, too. So if you don’t see one that will work for you here, contact us! We’ve come up with more than a few custom solutions in our time.

If you would like to integrate with one of our plugins, join our reseller program.

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Why Sectigo

Why Choose Us?

- We Offer the Most Trusted Brands

- Streamlined SSL Support (24 Hours/7 Days/365 Year)

- Excellent SSL Experts

- Unlimited SSL Tools

- A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Our certs are supported on 99.9% of web browsers, iPhones & mobile devices

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