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The Simple and Scalable Way to Protect Your Organization's Emails

91% of Cyber Attacks Start With a Phishing Email – Keep Your Organization Safe With Sectigo S/MIME

Data breaches and email compromises cost businesses billions of dollars every year. Protecting yourself should be a top priority—reduce the risks with S/MIME certificates.

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Sectigo makes it simple to deploy and manage S/MIME certificates at scale so you can protect your entire organization from costly attacks.

Comprehensive Email Protection with S/MIME

Confirm Sender Identity

Open emails and attachments with confidence that the sender is authentic and give your recipients peace of mind that it's really you. Sectigo S/MIME employs PKI to provide unmatched identity verification. Your private key signs outgoing emails and decrypts incoming emails while your public key verifies your signature and encrypts emails sent to you.

Ensure Message Confidentiality

Emails are full of sensitive, private data, and a hacker can get their hands on all of it if they get in. End-to-end encryption with S/MIME keeps them out. Even if they manage to steal emails from your sever, they won't be able to read them without your private key. You're immune from man-in-the-middle attacks, packet-sniffers, or HTTPS proxies when you use Sectigo S/MIME.

S/MIME Protects Your Business

Prevent Costly Data Breaches
Prevent Costly
Data Breaches

If a hacker got into your email box, how long would it take them to find sensitive data? Account logins, HR data, financial reports – the possibilities are endless. With S/MIME encryption, your sensitive data remains confidential, even if an attacker gets their hands on your emails.

Avoid Costly Phishing Attacks
Avoid Costly
Phishing Attacks

Up to 95% of successful hacks involve phishing or other email attacks. It's an easy, scalable way for hackers to infiltrate almost any organization. S/MIME shows verified sender information, making it easy for your employees to tell the difference between legitimate company emails and scams.

Protect Your Brand

Encryption isn't just a nice thing to have, it's required by multiple data privacy laws (HIPAA, GDPR, etc). The best way to avoid hefty fines is via S/MIME encryption. Sectigo makes it easy to deploy S/MIME certificates across your organization, so you're always covered no matter what's being sent.

S/MIME Secures More Than Email

Sectigo S/MIME Certificates protect more than just email. These versatile certificates can be used in a variety of other applications that reduce security risks and make life easier for your employees.


Hackers can wreak havoc when they're inside your network. Control access and keep them secure. A Sectigo certificate can't be stolen, forgotten, or shared like passwords can.


Add a more powerful layer of security to your login process. Ensure only authorized users can access sensitive data and make breaches a thing of the past.


Microsoft Office is used by businesses around the world in every industry. Prevent tampering and prove integrity for any non-Adobe document with Sectigo certificates.

Zero-Touch S/MIME Means Deployment with a Single Click

Sectigo Zero-Touch S/MIME is a feature of Sectigo Certificate Manager that simplifies the deployment of S/MIME certificates across your enterprise, for any user on any device. Sectigo Zero-Touch S/MIME gives your organization the power to:

  • Deploy both public and private S/MIME certificates from a single platform
  • Easily install and manage S/MIME certificates across your organization, with Active Directory integration and a single-click process that's invisible to your users
  • Use S/MIME with the most popular enterprise email systems, including Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, and Apple Mail
  • Configure your gateway to scan encrypted mail traffic for malware and other threats
  • Decrypt older, archived emails by sending the entire encryption key history to all mail clients
  • Recover lost or destroyed keys with Sectigo's encryption key history and escrow feature

Deploy Sectigo S/MIME Today

1-20 Certificates

Just need a few S/MIME certificates right now? Keeping your email safe has never been easier. You can purchase and issue your certificates in minutes. Starting at $12.95/year.

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20+ Certificates

Want enterprise-wide protection? We offer packages with Sectigo Certificate Manager for Zero-Touch certificate installation and management.

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