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Sales/Order Processing

Why are we cheaper?

SectigoStore.com is an upper-echelon platinum elite partner with Sectigo – predating the name change. We purchase SSL certificates in bulk at cut-rate prices and then pass those savings along to you by selling digital certificates at razor thin margins.


What do I need to purchase an SSL certificate?

You only need a website and an email address – and even the email address is optional – a basic Domain Validated SSL certificate requires on a domain control check before issuance. For business authentication certificates you’ll need a little more information.


How does your purchase process work?

Our easy purchase process works like this:

  • Select a Sectigo SSL certificate
  • Add item to cart
  • Pay for it
  • Click on 'Generate Certificate Now'
  • Process your Certificate Signing Request
  • Let Sectigo perform validation
  • You receive the certificate via email
  • Install the certificate in your web server

If you have any questions, just ask an SSL Expert via our LIVE CHAT support.


How do I renew my certificate?

Renewing a Sectigo SSL certificate is just like buying a new SSL certificate. Simply log in to your account and purchase a new certificate or click renew on your expiring certificate. Please be aware that you will have to process new CSR for this renewal for security reasons.


I don't see my Domain Approver Email?

If you just log in to our website and go to your order details, at the bottom of the page, there is a 'Resend Approval Email' button that you can click to resend. Failing that, you can come on LIVE CHAT and/or submit a support ticket request.


What's the difference between DV, OV & EV SSL certificates?

Validation level. The encryption facilitated by an SSL certificate is the same regardless of validation or functionality. The difference between DV, OV & EV is how much validation must be performed by Sectigo before issuing the certificate. DV requires the least, just a simple domain control check. Extended Validation, by comparison, is much more in-depth but also activates a unique visual indicator, the EV Name Badge.


What documents are required for Extended Validation (EV) certificates?

In some cases Sectigo may have difficulty validating aspects of your business using publicly available government registries and databases. You may be required to provide a Government Issued Business Credential, aka "Proof of Right" (POR).

  • Articles of Incorporation/Certificate of Formation
  • Business/Vendor/Reseller/Merchant License
  • Charter Documents/Partnership Papers
  • Registration of Trade or Assumed Name/Doing Business As/Fictitious Name Statement
  • Legal Opinion Letters


Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

What is a CSR?

A Certificate Signing Request is a block of encrypted text that is generated by your server. It contains all of the information that will be included in the certificate. A CSR is created simultaneously with your private key.


How do I generate my CSR?

There used to be online tools that would assist in this. The industry got away from this because it’s not secure. Don’t create a CSR using an unsecure web app. Instead, if you don’t know your way around server commands contact your system admin or someone that does. If you do, you can generate one using OpenSSL commands. Here’s a guide.


I do not see my email address in the Approval/DCV Email field?

According to the Baseline Requirements set forth by CA/Browser Forum, email-based domain validation can only be completed using the address that appears in the Who.is registry or one of five pre-approved addresses:

  • admin@domain.com
  • administrator@domain.com
  • webmaster@domain.com
  • hostmaster@domain.com
  • postmaster@domain.com



How do I install my SSL certificate?

We have a very helpful database of installation articles that will help you with installing on and configuring just about every server in use today. If that doesn't suit you, we also offer an SSL installation service for just $59.99.


Can you help me with my installation?

Absolutely, our SSL specialists have performed thousands of installations since we’ve been in business. We would be happy to install your certificate for you. This can be done one of three ways, we can guide you by phone, we can open up a split screen or you can provide us with one-time server credentials. We’ll have your certificate installed in a matter of minutes. Click here to purchase SSL certificate installation.


What does "Failed Security Review" mean?

This message means that your order has been marked for an additional security review by Sectigo. As part of Sectigo's ongoing commitment to prevent fraud and protect data, it randomly flags some orders for an additional security review. Unfortunately, this order can't be fulfilled until Sectigo completes a manual security review. Most orders are quickly processed within 24 hours, but sometimes on the weekends they might take a little longer.


Why do I need to install intermediate certificates?

Every computer system has a root store, a collection of predownloaded root certificates associated with trusted Certificate Authorities. Unfortunately, issuing SSL certificates (or more specifically signing them with its private key) off a root is dangerous because, in the event of a revocation, every leaf certificate signed by the root would be invalid. Since 2012, the CA/Browser forum has mandated that CAs issue off of Intermediate roots to prevent this from occurring. In order for a computer to trust a leaf certificate it must be able to chain it back to a trusted root. Intermediate certificates help build that chain.



How do I login to my account?

Easy. Simply click on the Login button in the header of this site. That will open a pop-up where you can insert your login credentials.


What is my username & password?

Your username is your email address. We don’t actually know your password, we hash them to make them worthless in the event of data theft. If you need to reset your password, there is a link on the login screen that will email you a reset prompt.


What is my Order ID# or Invoice ID#?

You can find both items listed in your control panel next to its respective certificate. You can look under your 'Total Orders' and find them listed in-line with your certificate.


How do I become a reseller?

Not all companies qualify to be a reseller, to become a reseller you must be a company that provides web services; such as web hosting, web design, web development, SEO, domain registration, web security, IT services, and/or other related internet services. Sign up here and we will gladly review your request.


Extended Validation Help

What is an EV certificate?

An Extended Validation SSL certificate is a digital certificate that, in addition to encrypting a website, also asserts a verified identity. This results in the browsers giving sites with EV special treatment by showcasing the organization’s name in the address bar. EV SSL requires a more extensive vetting process, but it’s the only way to assert identity in a web browser.


How can I get the "Green Address Bar" on my site?

Simple, just purchase an Extended Validation SSL certificate and install it on your site. The EV Name Badge will appear as long as you’ve installed the certificate properly.


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