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HackerGuardian PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition

Unlimited scanning of up to 20 external domains

Sectigo’s HackerGuardian PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition offers unlimited scans for up to 20 IP addresses – external or internal. For large distributed networks (e.g. Web hosts and Payment Gateways), HackerGuardian PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition ensures PCI compliances across multiple servers. PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition’s advanced reporting offers you actionable intelligence on any potential issues while its seal reminds customers you’re authorized to handle their payment card information.

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Compliance on up to 20 IP addresses

The ability to scan and get reporting across 20 IP addresses with just a single product makes this one of the best values we offer. Talk about saving time and simplifying workflows. With over 30,000 vulnerability tests, on-demand scanning and ready-to-submit reports, HackerGuardian PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition makes compliance easy. Best of all, if you need to secure more IP addresses, additional IP packs are available, too.

Detailed Ready-to-Submit Reports

Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition provides detailed reporting after it identifies potential exploits using over 30,000 vulnerability tests. Reports contain actionable intelligence on remediation and act as ready-to-submit PCI compliance reports as well.

Boost Sales with a trusted checkout seal

HackerGuardian PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition comes with a highly recognizable credit card logo to remind customers that their payment card details are safe with you. After all, you’ve gotten your customer as far as the checkout page, it’s worth making sure you take every precaution to ensure the conversion goes off without a hitch.

Avoid PCI DSS Penalties

PCI DSS compliance is critical for any company or organization that does business online. Non-compliance could mean losing your authorization to take credit card payments. And that’s a big red flag. Most people don’t trust websites that won’t take major credit cards. So unless you want to end up hawking your wares on Etsy, we recommend making sure you have the tools to stay compliant.

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