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Sectigo Website Security & Scanning

Sectigo is so much more than just digital certificates

In 2018, websites are a critical aspect of any business. We build relationships using websites, we transact using websites—our entire lives are now online. Suffice it to say the health of your website is of the utmost importance. And while a good SSL/TLS certificate is a great first step towards securing your website, it’s just a piece of what should be a much larger whole. Fortunately, Sectigo has products that extend beyond just connection security. Here’s a sampling of some of Sectigo’s non-SSL products.


Protect your website from hackers, malware, and spam with SiteLock's automated security suite and 24/7 security response team. SiteLock's multiple layers of cybersecurity protect your website against common web threats, ensuring that your website runs smoothly and securely.

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CodeGuard Backup

Have you ever woken up to find that your website is totally screwed up? Maybe it was hacked, maybe an IT person made a mistake, or maybe your web host's server crashed...no matter the cause, it's a horrible feeling! CodeGuard's daily backups, malware scanner, and one-click restore means you're prepared to solve any website emergency - from hackers to errors to crashed servers! With CodeGuard, you can undo website problems and restore your site with just a couple of clicks! It's that easy!

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HackerGuardian PCI Scan Control Center

If you accept payments online, you’re bound by the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards. HackerGuardian PCI Scan Control Center allows you to consolidate all of your compliance needs and handle them through a single interface. HackerGuardian PCI Scanning makes compliance effortless. It scans your external-facing IPs and generates daily reports to keep you apprised of any vulnerabilities that may present themselves. It will also supply you with the requisite documentation for your quarterly PCI reports.

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HackerProof Trust Mark

Trust is tantamount to success when it comes to doing business online. The Sectigo HackerProof Trust Mark is an unmistakable visual indicator that tells your customers that says you have been properly vetted by Sectigo. Included with the Trust Mark are daily scans of your website that identify any vulnerabilities and provides actionable intelligence on mitigation. Displaying the Sectigo HackerProof Trust Mark is a clear indication that you take your security responsibilities seriously.

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PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition

Much like the HackerGuardian PCI Scan Control Center, but made for Enterprises. This PCI tool has been specially designed to assist enterprise clients with the demands of PCI DSS compliance. The PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition can scan up to 20 external IPs. It generates in-depth daily reports that identify security holes that have been exposed by Sectigo’s 30,000+ diagnostic tests. It’s recently been updated to scan the cloud, too. As far as PCI tools go, this is the golden standard.

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- We Offer the Most Trusted Brands

- Streamlined SSL Support (24 Hours/7 Days/365 Year)

- Excellent SSL Experts

- Unlimited SSL Tools

- A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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