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Sectigo Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificates

Fast, affordable encryption that can be deployed in minutes

Sectigo SSL certificates are among the most sought after and highly-respected in the SSL/TLS industry. Thanks to Sectigo’s automated validation process, a Sectigo DV SSL certificate can be issued within seconds of purchase and can be installed within minutes.

Top Sellers

Sectigo SSL Certificate

Sectigo SSL secures your domain with strong 256-bit encryption

The Sectigo SSL certificate is a premium Domain Validated SSL certificate that offers one domain a strong 256-bit encryption.

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PositiveSSL Certificate

All the SSL essentials: standard encryption, well-known site seal, peace of mind.

The Positive SSL Certificate by Sectigo offers no-frills, entry-level encryption at an unbeatable low price.

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EssentialSSL Certificate

All the SSL essentials: standard encryption, well-known site seal, peace of mind.

Essential SSL lives up to its name, providing all the basic essentials of SSL: standard encryption, a recognized site seal and some peace of mind.

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Other Domain Validated Certificates

Encryption is Encryption – Why pay more?

For websites where asserting identity isn’t a priority, a Domain Validated SSL certificate is an ideal choice. Here’s something a lot of other CAs don’t want to admit: the encryption you get from every SSL certificate is exactly the same. That’s right, a $1,200 SSL certificate offers the same encryption strength as an $8 one. In fact, the certificate just provides parameters for the encryption that takes place, the actual strength of the encryption is determined by the server and browser during the SSL handshake.

Now, there are some advantages that more expensive certificates offer, but the point is this: you don’t sacrifice any security by choosing to go with a Sectigo DV SSL certificate.

Automated Issuance means you have the certificate in seconds!

Domain validation is simple. Sectigo just needs to verify that you are the owner of the domain you’re requesting the certificate for. This can be done almost instantly thanks to Sectigo’s automation. Just order your certificate, and in the time it takes you to upload a record or respond to an email you’ll have your certificate issued. That means if you need to deploy SSL in a pinch, DV can make a perfect stopgap.

Just show Sectigo your own the domain!

Sectigo’s validation is fully automated and can be completed in one of three different ways, depending on what’s most convenient

  • Email-based Validation – Sectigo will do a Whois lookup and send an email to the registered address, or one of five pre-approved addresses, and you simply must respond in the affirmative.
  • File-based Validation – Sectigo will send you a text file that you must upload to your website’s root directory. Sectigo will scan your site for the file and then issue the certificate.
  • Hash-based Validation – Much like file-based, Sectigo will send you a hash value to add to your DNS record, then scan the site to ensure it’s there before issuing.

Pick the right SSL/TLS solution

Domain Validation SSL is the most basic variation of SSL. It’s simple, authenticating only a server, and effective. But DV SSL isn’t right for every website – especially when you’re running a site where identity is important. A business authentication certificate, OV or EV will display verified organizational information in the certificate details, or even the address bar in the case of EV. While we have a range of great DV products, we suggest higher validation levels for businesses.

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Our certs are supported on 99.9% of web browsers, iPhones & mobile devices

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