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HackerGuardian PCI Compliance Standard

Regular PCI Scans keep your servers safe and PCI DSS compliant

Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Compliance Standard lets you perform unlimited scans on up to 5 servers. There’s no better option for ensuring your servers stay safe and PCI DSS compliant. Following each scan, Sectigo’s HackerGuardian Standard produces a ready-to-submit PCI compliance report and offers actionable intelligence on how to fix any vulnerabilities.

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Monitors PCI Compliance

PCI DSS compliance means the difference between accepting popular credit cards or trying to maintain your credibility while only accepting alternative payment methods. Don’t let that happen to you.

Unlimited PCI Scans Per Quarter

Scan when you want to with unlimited PCI scans per quarter on up to five servers. Schedule your scans ahead of time or perform them on-demand as needed. With unlimited scans, you'll have maximum visibility over security and compliance and receive comprehensive reports after each one.

Ready-to-Submit Reports

Part of PCI DSS compliance is reporting, which can be a real pain if you don't have the right tools. Fortunately, HackerGuardian PCI Scan Control Center Standard makes reporting easy. Just save and send.

Thousands of Vulnerability Tests

Sectigo, previously known as Comodo, has over 20 years of cyber security experience. Over that time, they’ve collected information on thousands of known vulnerabilities. Now you can leverage that knowledge and expertise with a comprehensive battery of thousands of penetration tests aimed at keeping you compliant and secure.

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