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Sectigo OV Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

Secure your entire web presence with Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

Sectigo OV Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate are unparalleled for their versatility. Because they feature both Multi-Domain and Wildcard functionality, you can encrypt your entire web portfolio with just a single certificate. Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcards secure up to 250 different domains and IPs, plus all accompanying Sub-Domains. The Organization Validation SSL certificate require light business vetting, but any company with up-to-date records will be able to obtain it quickly. Then all you have to do is install it and your entire web presence will secured to 256-bit encryption. Best of all, Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcards come backed by $1,000,000 warranties to help give you greater peace of mind.

  • Powerful 256-bit Encryption
  • Secures up to 250 Domains
  • Secures unlimited sub-domains
  • $1,000,000 Warranty
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Organization Validated

Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcards are Organization Validation SSL certificates. That means Sectigo is going to have to put your company or organization through a light business vetting before issuing the certificate. This can take up to three days but typically moves much faster if your business has publicly available records.

Powerful 256-bit encryption

NIST and the CAB Forum are the two bodies that set guidelines for the SSL industry. All Sectigo SSL products live up to industry standards. That includes providing 256-bit encryption strength and a 2048-bit RSA Signature key.


with Sectigo OV Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate, you have the ability to encrypt everything with a single certificate. That means up to 250 different domains and IPs, plus every accompanying sub-domain. Think about how much time and effort this could save you.

$1,000,000 Warranty

Your encryption breaking down is simply not an option. Sectigo knows this, that’s why it’s put its money where its mouth is. If Sectigo ever makes any mistake that costs you money, you’re covered for up to $1,000,000.

Key Features for: Sectigo OV Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate


Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate require Organization Validation, which can take up to three days.


Sectigo OV Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate come backed by a generous $1,000,000 warranty.


Sectigo OV Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate do have Multi-Domain functionality and can encrypt up to 250 domains.


Sectigo OV Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate do have Wildcard functionality and can encrypt unlimited Sub-Domains.

Site Seal

Sectigo OV Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate come with a Sectigo Secure site seal.

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Product Line

Sectigo SSL is the flagship product line for Sectigo, its products come heavily supported with premium features.



Organization Validation





Multi-Domian Capabilities


Wildcard Capabilities


Site Seal

Sectigo Secure Seal




Organization Validation


Server Licenses



Encryption Strength

Up to 256-bit


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Mobile Capability



Covers WWW & non-WWW


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Assurance & Authentication

Sectigo SSL – The premium, namesake line from the world’s largest Certificate Authority features a range of SSL certificate types from single site DV SSL all the way to EV Multi-Domain certificates. And even though Sectigo SSL certificates are feature-rich, with generous warranties and dynamic Sectigo trust seals—their price belies their quality. Unlike expensive competitors, the Sectigo SSL line still fits easily into any budget. Why pay thousands of dollars for the same protection and features you could have gotten from Sectigo at a fraction of the price? The Sectigo SSL line showcases all that there is to love about Sectigo: it’s convenient, reliable, affordable and there’s an option that’s right for everyone. You just cannot go wrong with Sectigo SSL.

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