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SSL Certificate Types

Three validation levels and four types of functionality

The beauty of SSL/TLS is that there is a certificate type for every use case. From the smallest of personal websites to the largest enterprise domains, there's an SSL certificate specifically designed to secure it. We've been in the SSL business for a long time, since back when Sectigo was still Comodo CA. Suffice it to say, we know what we're doing and we can help you find the perfect SSL solution for you and your website.

Types of SSL Certificates

There are two distinctions to be made when we discuss types of SSL certificate.

  • Validation Level: DV, OV, & EV
  • Functionality: Single Domain, Wildcard, Multi-Domain, & Multi-Domain Wildcard

Domain Validation

Domain Validation is the least stringent form of validation. All that must be proven is control over the domain. As a result, these certificates can be issued and deployed quickly. They also cost less. DV is a great option for small sites that don’t collect personal data. But if you need to assert identity, DV isn't the best option.

  • Sectigo SSL Certificate

  • PositiveSSL Certificate

  • EssentialSSL Certificate

Organization Validation

OV SSL was the original SSL certificate. It requires light business authentication, which results in verified business information being listed in the certificate details. OV SSL can be used to secure IP addresses and is a good option for enterprise environments and intranets.

  • InstantSSL Certificate

  • InstantSSL Pro

Extended Validation

At the end of the validation spectrum is EV. Extended Validation is much more intensive – but the best way to assert identity online. With an EV SSL certificate, browsers will display your organization’s name inside the certificate details box.

  • Sectigo EV SSL Certificate

  • PositiveSSL EV

  • PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain

Single Domain SSL Certificates

The original SSL certificate. As the name implies, a Single Domain SSL certificate can be installed on a single domain or host name. Single Domain certificates are available at all three validation levels.

  • Sectigo OV SSL

  • EssentialSSL Certificate

  • PositiveSSL Wildcard

  • EnterpriseSSL

  • InstantSSL Pro

  • InstantSSL Premium

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

A Multi-Domain SSL certificate can encrypt up to 250 domains or host names with a single certificate. The main domain is entered in the FQDN field of the Certificate Signing Request and each additional domain is listed as a SAN (Subject Alternative Name). Most Multi-Domain certificates come standard with 2-4 SANs, additional SANs must be purchased as needed.

  • Sectigo OV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

  • PositiveSSL Multi-Domain

  • PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard

Wildcard SSL Certificates

A Wildcard SSL certificate can secure a single domain and all accompanying first-level sub-domains. For any website that makes use of sub-domains this is a no-brainer. It reduces certificate management burdens and saves money over encrypting sub-domains individually. Wildcards can only be purchased at the DV and OV levels.

  • Sectigo Wildcard SSL

  • PositiveSSL Wildcard

  • EssentialSSL Wildcard

Multi-Domain Wildcards

The most versatile form of SSL certificate, the Multi-Domain Wildcard can encrypt up to 250 domains or hostname, PLUS any accompanying sub-domains. This makes it an ideal choice for companies with large complicated digital infrastructures. Multi-Domain Wildcards are only available in DV or OV.

  • Sectigo OV Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

  • Sectigo OV UCC Wildcard SSL Certificate

  • PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard

Why Sectigo

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