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Automated PCI Scanning to Ensure PCI DSS Compliance

HackerGuardian simplifies PCI DSS compliance with automation and an array of powerful yet easy-to-use features. It’s the best way to boost customer trust while avoiding costly compliance fines that hurt not only your bottom line, but your brand and reputation. With HackerGuardian, you get:

  • A user-friendly and guided process
  • Streamlined scanning and instant remediation recommendations
  • Support for web application requirements
  • Automated reports that are ready to send
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PSI DSS Certified

Simple, Automated PCI Compliance

PCI DSS compliance requires that organizations perform quarterly vulnerability scans and file a report of the results with their acquiring bank. Sectigo’s HackerGuardian PCI Compliance solution lets you automatically schedule scans, performing thousands of tests with each scan. HackerGuardian checks every part of your network for even the tiniest thing that could be exploited and automatically generates a report after each scan, making reporting to your bank simple.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  • Schedule and perform the PCI scan
  • Review & correct any issues
  • Submit the automatically-generated report to your bank
Compliance Status

Customize HackerGuardian to Fit Your Needs

HackerGuardian Enterprise is completely customizable to fit the specific needs of your organization. Only pay for what you need, depending on how many IP addresses you need and how often you want to run scans.

Boost Trust & Showcase Your Security with the HackerProof Trust Mark

With Sectigo's HackerProof plan your site undergoes daily vulnerability scanning using thousands of different vulnerability tests. You're immediately notified of any issues and presented with actionable intelligence if anything is detected.

You’re going the extra step for the sake of your customers’ security, so why not let them know? The HackerProof Trust Mark is a powerful tool to place on your home and checkout pages that sends a clear message that customer safety is a top priority.

Trust Seals like the HackerProof Trust Mark are proven to increase conversions and customer trust, and you can implement them on your site in minutes. Start reaping the benefits today with the HackerProof plan, from Sectigo HackerGuardian.

HackerProof Trust Mark

Why Stay PCI Compliant?

The PCI DSS requirements were created by the major credit card companies to prevent data loss and mitigate the risks involved with online purchases. Companies must take specific actions to ensure they’re protecting their customers’ credit card information, and failing to do so results in fines. These start at thousands of dollars and can climb well into the millions for severe violations by large companies. You could even lose the ability to accept credit cards, period.

The Comprehensive PCI Compliance Solution

The HackerGuardian was built from the ground up to give businesses the features they need to achieve and maintain PCI compliance:

  • Vulnerability scanning by Sectigo, a PCI-Approved scanning vendor (a requirement of PCI DSS)
  • Scans your entire network, whether it’s on-prem, web apps, or in the cloud
  • Schedule scans and have them run automatically
  • Fast remediation for vulnerabilities with detailed instructions and verified patches
  • Automatically generated, ready-to-submit PCI compliance reports
  • A full battery of thousands of vulnerability tests
  • Use the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) in HackerGuardian’s online wizard to determine your compliance with PCI DSS - figure out the areas in which you’re lacking and receive a custom Remediation Plan to help you achieve full PCI compliance

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