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Sectigo Email & Document Signing

Sectigo personal authentication certificates secure emails and documents

Sectigo’s email and document signing certificates, better known as Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificates (SPACs), allow you to affix a digital signature to emails and documents, thus asserting the identity of the signer and vouching for the file’s integrity. In the fast-paced, high stakes business world of today, it’s never been more important to be able to assert identity and authenticity with the email and documents we exchange. Fortunately, a Sectigo Email and Document Signing certificate can help you secure your email, documents and can even facilitate two-factor authentication.

Sectigo Email Signing certificate

Secure your source code or software content with digital signature

Did you know that business email compromises cost nearly a billion dollars annually? Luckily, email compromises can be avoided. Sectigo Email Signing certificates secure your company’s email services by adding another layer of authentication, verifying the message’s sender, and preventing spoofing.

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Sectigo Document Signing Certificate

Secure your source code or software content with digital signature

Sign and ensure the integrity of important files and documents with a Sectigo Document Signing certificate.

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Digitally Sign & Encrypt Emails

Adding your digital signature offers many benefits like asserting the sender’s identity. Beyond that, it also helps secure the email by facilitating end-to-end encryption. And if that isn’t enough it can alert recipients whether the email or file has been tampered with through hashing.

Digitally Sign Documents

Just like you can do with email, you can also sign individual files with a Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificate. It works exactly the same, you affix a digital signature that both asserts identity and indicates any tampering with the file itself. The digital signature doesn’t actually prevent the file from being altered, it just lets you know that it’s happened. It’s kind of like a dye pack that goes off and marks the bills following a bank robbery. Or that little spot behind your battery that indicates if you’ve ever gotten your cell phone wet.

Two-factor authentication

If you want to enable two-factor authentication but don’t feel like dealing with SMS codes, you can use a Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificate to perform 2FA behind the scenes. Now, not only can you have an employee input a password, but you can also authenticate the Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificate installed on their device. This adds a much-needed layer of security without annoying you and your coworkers.

How does a Digital Signature Work?

A digital signature is really nothing more than a string of characters that is affixed to an email, file, digital certificate—pretty much anything. The signature itself can be authenticated to help establish the identity of the signer, but the signature can also be hashed along with the file to ensure the signed item hasn’t been tampered with.

That’s because tweaking the signed item even slightly will result in a different hash value. No two disparate pieces of data can produce the same value. So when a signed file is received, the recipient’s computer performs the same hash function as the signer. If the values match the file is in tact. If not, something bad happened.

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