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Sectigo Email Signing certificate

Assert sender identity and ensure message integrity with Sectigo email signing

Sectigo Email Signing certificates secure your company’s email services by adding a layer of authentication that verifies the sender of a message and prevents spoofing. Business Email Compromises cause business to lose nearly a billion dollars each year, but they can be easily avoided with the authentication offered by a Sectigo Email Signing certificate. You’ll also know if an email is ever altered or tampered with thanks the hashing process that takes place following an email signing. There’s no other way to verify sender identity, and there’s no better value than Sectigo.

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  • Assert Sender Identity
  • Ensure Message Integrity
  • Stop Spoofing

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Sectigo Email Signing certificate

Assert Sender Identity

When you sign your emails, that signature is hashed and the hash value included in the certificate that is presented along with your email. The recipient's email client then performs that same hash function to ensure the values match and the signature is authentic, thus preventing spoof emails from getting past your employees.

Ensure Message Integrity

After your email is signed, it's hashed along with the signature and sent along to the recipient. Because even the tiniest alteration to the data being sent will result in a different hash value when the recipient's client repeats the hash function, it acts as an instant indicator if anything is amiss.

Stop Spoofing

Each year business email compromises account for greater and greater losses. The only way to prevent these kind of spearphishing attacks is to ensure that every person in your company has an email certificate and is signing every email they send. And unsigned email is an untrusted one.

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