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Sectigo Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificates

Light business authentication and world-class encryption

Sectigo Organization Validation SSL certificates are a perfect middle ground between the ease and performance of Domain Validated SSL certificates and their more high-end Extended Validation counterparts. An OV SSL certificate provides your website’s visitors with verified organizational information in the certificate details while also facilitating robust connection security. Organization Validation SSL certificates are also the only variety of SSL certificate that can secure an IP address.

Top Sellers

Sectigo OV SSL

Sectigo OV SSL provides your website with OV protection. Your customers will appreciate being able to see verified company information in your certificate details. Sectigo OV SSL is backed by a generous $1,000,000 warranty and comes with a Sectigo Secure site seal to deploy on your home and checkout pages.

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InstantSSL Premium

Organization Validated SSL backed by one of the most generous warranties in its class.

Instant SSL Premium provides strong encryption up to 256-bits, light business authentication and a very generous $250,000 warranty!

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InstantSSL Pro

Industry-standard encryption, business authentication and a $100,000 warranty.

Instant SSL Pro offers all the benefits and protections of Instant SSL, but provides greater peace of mind thanks to its 100K warranty.

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Other Organization Validated Certificates

Sectigo sets the Standard

Sectigo doesn’t just meet or exceed NIST and CAB Forum standards, Sectigo sets the standard for the entire industry. Sectigo SSL certificates come with your choice of the ubiquitous RSA cryptosystem, or a higher-performance Elliptic Curve-based cryptosystem for public key encryption and uses 256-bit AES session keys for data transmission. This is encryption that can’t be cracked, even a supercomputer would have to labor for thousands of years before it could guess the symmetric key—and it would take 4 quadrillion years to crack the RSA private key. Your site will be secure no matter what an attacker throws at it.

Assert your Identity with OV SSL

An Organization Validated certificate will include verified information about your organization in its certificate details. This provides a clear indication of who is running the website. Your visitors demand this. In a day and age where privacy is crucial and trust isn’t freely given, being able to assert your identity is the best way towards building a relationship with potential customers.

What is Business Authentication?

Sectigo wants to make sure that your company is legitimate. After all, it’s going to be vouching for you. When Sectigo issues an SSL certificate, it uses one of its private keys to sign the certificate. When a user’s browser receives the certificate, it traces the signature back to Sectigo – whom it trusts – and extends trust to you based on that signature. So before Sectigo signs anything, it wants to make sure you are who you claim to be. The entire SSL/TLS ecosystem would break down without this.

What’s involved in Organization Validation?

Organization Validation is a five step process that generally takes a day or two – though that can be expedited if you’re in a rush. Before Sectigo issues your OV SSL certificate it will need to:

  • Authenticate your organization
  • Verify your locality presence
  • Verify your listed telephone number
  • Verify your ownership over the registered domain
  • Verify that the person placing the order is authorized to do so

Once this has been accomplished, Sectigo issues the certificate and you can install it on your server.

The benefits of OV SSL

There are myriad benefits to purchasing a Sectigo OV SSL certificate, here are just a few:

  • Robust 256-bit symmetric encryption
  • Activates padlock indicator
  • Provides verified business information
  • Available in single domain, multi-domain and wildcard
  • Easy to install on any server
  • Can be issued within a single business day

Q. Who should use an OV SSL certificate?

A. Any organization that wants to assert its identity. OV is also ideal for Enterprise environments and it’s the only type of SSL certificate that can secure IP addresses.

Q. Can individuals get OV certificates?

A. It’s possible, but for the amount of work that’s required you might as well spring for the EV certificate.

Q. Does OV SSL provide stronger encryption than DV?

A. No. All Sectigo SSL certificates facilitate the same level of encryption.

Why Sectigo

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- We offer Most Trusted Brands

- Streamlined SSL Support (24 Hours/7 Days/365 Year)

- Excellent SSL Experts

- Unlimited SSL Tools

- A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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