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Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Digitally sign your scripts and executables to assert publisher identity and ensure file integrity.

The Sectigo Code Signing certificate is one of the most trusted digital signing certificates in use today by software developers and engineers. It’s never been more important to assert publisher identity when offering software for purchase or download. Antivirus programs, web filters and browsers have all been designed to protect their users from malicious programs and files. The only way to avoid warnings and pop-ups is Code Signing. By adding your digital signature to your scripts and executables it tells your customers who made the software and whether or not it’s been tampered with. These kinds of assurances aren’t just nice to offer—they’re critical to your success.

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Assert Publisher Identity

The days of blindly trusting downloads is over. Too much damage has been done to too many people’s computers for the trust to ever be rebuilt. That’s why it’s critical for you to be able to assert your identity in the form of a digital signature. This tells internet users who you are and helps them decide whether to trust you.

Ensure Software Integrity

Much like the shrink wrap used to cover software boxes in the brick-and-mortar retail days, Code Signing gives your customers an immediate notification if the software has been altered or tampered with in any way.

3072-bit RSA Code Signing Keys

Sectigo Code Signing keys use a robust 3072-bit RSA key length, meeting industry standards and ensuring security. To put it into perspective, cracking a 2048-bit key would take an average computer 14 billion years. As for a 3072-bit key, calculating how long it would take to break is nearly impossible.

Avoid Browser and Antivirus Warnings

Nothing kills a download faster than a user warning. Whether it comes from a browser or an antivirus program, most people aren’t going to risk messing up their computer. Code Signing is the only surefire way to avoid these warnings. It’s the difference between a conversion and a bounce.

Private Key Security

Secure your private key from loss of theft by storing it in a fully compliant HSM or USB token.

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