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Sectigo PositiveSSL Certificate
Most affordable SSL certificate (DV). $50,000 warranty.
PositiveSSL Certificate PositiveSSL Certificate $49.00
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Sectigo EssentialSSL Certificate
Basic SSL for business sites (DV). $10,000 warranty.
EssentialSSL Certificate EssentialSSL Certificate$79.95
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Sectigo SSL Certificate
Business SSL certificate (DV). $500,000 warranty.
Sectigo SSL Sectigo SSL$99.95
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InstantSSL Premium Certificate
Premium assurance certificate (OV). $250,000 warranty.
Premium SSL Certificate PremiumSSL Certificate$179.95
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Sectigo PositiveSSL Wildcard
Secures unlimited subdomains, eg (DV). $50,000 warranty.
PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate PositiveSSL Wildcard$249.00
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The 3 Best UCC SSL Certificates for 2021

Are you looking to streamline your certificate management by securing multiple subject alternative name (SAN) domains under one certificate? Then look no further — we’ll explore the three best UCC SSL certificate options for 2021 Managing a few individual SSL/TLS certificates is doable. But managing dozens or even hundreds of domains and SANs makes things a lot more complicated. Something’s bound to slip through the cracks, which can leave your site insecure or result in service outages. This is where a UCC SSL certificate can help. A unified communications certificate Continue Reading

5 Low Cost SSL Certificates That Will Secure Your Ecommerce Business in 2021

Cost plays a vital role while buying an SSL certificate for your business website. Our team at has put together a list of SSL certificates to help you choose from the best low-cost SSL certificates in 2021 from the popular certificate authority Sectigo An SSL certificate has become a mandatory requirement to carry on a successful online presence. Without an SSL certificate, your website will lose the trust of your customers and ranking with search engines. But when it comes to choosing the right or best low cost SSL Continue Reading

The Top 9 Cheap SAN Certificates You Should Know in 2021

For the companies who own multiple domain names, SAN (subject alternative name) certificates or multi-domain SSL certificates are a way to secure those websites. Our team at has put together a list of the top 9 cheap SAN certificates for 2021 When you own more than one domain, you must find a way to secure all of them to enable HTTPS on your site. And what if you also have IP addresses you want to cover? Sure, you can buy individual SSL certificates… or you can purchase a single Continue Reading

SSL Validation Guide for EV, DV & OV SSL Certificates

Are you planning to buy an SSL/TLS certificate for your website? The first question you might face is the level of SSL validation you want for yourself. It’s natural to have questions about the validation process for your SSL certificate. This is a brief SSL validation guide for EV, DV, and OV SSL certificates that will assist you to glide by the process swiftly. What Are the Benefits of Having an SSL Certificate? SSL certificates are not so much a “recommendation” as they are a necessity for a successful website. Continue Reading

What is a Digital Certificate?

What you need to know about digital certificates and how they can improve your web security The internet has given us so many advantages – the ability to communicate to anyone anywhere, buy anything with the touch of a button, build a new career or business and so much more. However, to take advantage of the internet, we must put our personal information out there –  whether that is our home address, personal opinions, credit card information and so on. With that, it is vital we protect this constant stream Continue Reading

What is a Software Publisher Certificate?

Software publisher certificates are a game-changer for developers and publishers alike In the ever-evolving digital world we live in, it’s crucial we take every measure possible to ensure we are operating with the highest security protocols and practices. This is no different when downloading, installing and running software. With so much personal information stored digitally, it is easy to see why users would decline to engage with a software if it rose any red flags. This is where software publisher certificates come in. Software Publisher Certificate – The Quick Answer Continue Reading

Top 5 Best Wildcard SSL Certificates of 2020

Looking at the top 5 best wildcard SSL certificates and the different benefits they each offer Products Validation Warranty Save Lowest Price PositiveSSL Wildcard (DV) DV $50,000 67% $78.32/yr Buy Now PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard (DV) DV $50,000 50% $159.20/yr Buy Now InstantSSL Premium Wildcard (OV) OV $250,000 87% $122.31/yr Buy Now Sectigo OV Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL OV $1,000,000 59% $639.20/yr Buy Now EnterpriseSSL Pro Wildcard OV $1,500,000 21% $1,143.12/yr Buy Now If you are looking for the best wildcard certificate, you can buy it from at a considerable discount Continue Reading

What is The Best EV SSL Certificate Price?

Here is what you’re looking at when shopping for the best EV SSL certificate prices… EV SSL certificates are surely a worthy consideration when deciding what SSL certificate validation level to purchase. They carry quite a few benefits – namely providing users the ability to verify your website and organizational details via the certificate details found in your web browser, higher warranties and recommendations from respected government bodies, such as ENISA.  However, with it being the highest level of validation and carrying the most prestige, it’s also the most expensive Continue Reading

What Is an EV SSL Certificate?

Diving into “what is an EV SSL certificate?” to ensure you find the right extended validation SSL/TLS certificate option for your organization! From a technical perspective, SSL/TLS certificates accomplish the same thing: they secure communication between a browser and server using an HTTPS connection. However, some SSL certificates, like extended validation (EV) SSL certificates, most commonly called EV SSL/TLS certificates, enable greater digital identity verification and additional features. So, how do you choose the right EV SSL/TLS certificate for your organization? You must consider several factors, including: Let’s look under Continue Reading

Wildcard SSL vs Standard SSL: What’s The Difference?

Ensure you find the right SSL option for you by understanding wildcard SSL vs standard SSL… In the world of SSL certificates, where there seems to be endless types, brands, validation levels, CAs and so on, it’s easy to feel lost or confused. But don’t worry, we got your back! We assume you’re here because you’re deciding between wildcard SSL vs standard SSL. These two SSL certificates help satisfy different needs. They both secure an HTTPS connection, but they don’t secure the same number of domains or type of domains. Continue Reading