Positive SSL certificate Vs. Essential SSL certificate

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What is the difference between Positive SSL certificates and Essential SSL certificates?

If you have reached this article, we can assume that you have already decided to secure your website and are now doing market research on different web security products. We appreciate the efforts you are putting into market research. The web security industry is like an ocean. With vast varieties of brands and features, if you don’t conduct your market research properly, you might get lost! From this ocean, two of the most widely popular digital certificates are Positive SSL certificate and Essential SSL certificate.

Similarities between Positive SSL certificate and Essential SSL certificate

Both certificates are offered by Sectigo (previously known as Comodo CA) the world’s leading brand in the online security domain. For over two decades, Sectigo has been offering its innovative and cost-efficient security products and services to more than 50 million customers, accounting for 42.5% of market share globally.

Both Positive SSL and Essential SSL certificates are domain validated certificates that can be issued in minutes. They both offer:

  • up to 256 bit encryption strength
  • 30-day refund policy
  • unlimited server licenses
  • unlimited re-issuance
  • 99.9% browser support.

They secure both www and non-www version of the domain name — for example, xyz.com and www.xyz.com. You don’t need to buy another SSL certificate for securing both the version of your domain name with Positive SSL and Essential SSL certificate.

About PositiveSSL Certificates

  • Low cost. Sectigo (previously Comodo) started the Positive SSL certificate line with the mission of providing inexpensive digital certificates. Positive SSL certificates became very popular among individual website developers, freelancers, startups and small-scale businesses. Sectigo realized that generally, small businesses could not afford to hire highly qualified developers and security professionals, making them more susceptible to data breaches. So Sectigo stayed true to the mission of the Positive SSL line and offered affordable access to industry-standard encryption with Positive SSL certificate starting at only $8.78/year.
  • Solid warranty. In addition, Sectigo has recently increased the warranty amount from $10,000 to $50,000 for Positive SSL certificates just to make sure that small businesses do not face severe crises if any of their clients become a hacking victim in the unlikely event of encryption failure.

What Is Positive SSL Certificate

PositiveSSL is a subsidiary of Sectigo, a market leader in digital website security. Sectigo has been providing security solutions to businesses of all sizes for two decades. PositiveSSL provides an industry standard of up to 256 bit encryption algorithm for all its SSL certificates.

A positive SSL certificate is a range of affordable SSL certificates offered by the trusted certificate authority (CA) Sectigo (previously Comodo CA). Small businesses and start-ups that don’t want to spend much on website security can opt for a Positive SSL certificate to protect their data. Positive SSL certificates can secure your website for as little as $8.78/year and gives you a warranty of $50K in case of a mishap.

Is Positive SSL Worth It

Positive SSL certificates are a low-cost solution for website security. Positive SSL is an affordable option for small businesses that want to gain website visitors’ trust by authenticating their identity and securing the data transferred online. Positive SSL is a worth investment for start-ups and businesses.

About EssentialSSL Certificates

  • Trusted brand. The Essential SSL brand has been trusted for many years by well-established organizations, popular blogs and businesses.
  • Add-ons. Sectigo offers freebies with Essential SSL certificates from time to time. For example, for many years, Sectigo used to offer free PCI scanning, free daily website scanning, etc. with Essential SSL. It has stopped offering these perks right now but will soon come up with new and innovative freebies.
  • Moderate price. Essential SSL certificates start from $23.84/year. Why the price difference? Let us ask you one simple question. Why do people buy a Rolex, even though an ordinary watch is available for $5? After all, they both are just showing the time! Exactly! People pay for brand value. Choosing a SSL certificate with higher brand value is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to security to your customers.

Positive SSL Vs. Essential SSL – Two Popular Sectigo DV SSL Certificates

Sectigo SSL Sectigo PositiveSSL Certificate Sectigo EssentialSSL Certificate
Product Technical Features sectigo-positive-ssl-logo Sectigo Essential SSL
SSL Type 2048-Bit Standard SSL 2048-Bit Standard SSL
Encryption strength 256-Bit 256-Bit
Validation Type Domain Validated Domain Validated
SSL Type 2048-Bit Standard SSL 2048-Bit Standard SSL
Issuance Time Instant, within minutes Instant, within minutes
Display Indicator HTTPS with Padlock in URL HTTPS with Padlock in URL
Documents Required File/Email Based Validation File/Email Based Validation
OS Compatibility Latest versions of Windows, Apple MAC, Linux, etc. Latest versions of Windows, Apple MAC, Linux, etc.
Browser Compatibility 99.9% Web and Mobile 99.9% Web and Mobile
Mobile OS Support Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, etc. Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, etc.
Server license Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Reissuance Anytime till the SSL Expiration Anytime till the SSL Expiration
Site Seal Type Static Site Seal Static Site Seal
Site Seal Sectigo Site Seal Sectigo Secure Seal
Warranty $50,000 $10,000
Money Back Policy 30 Days 30 Days
1 Year $10.98/year $29.80/year
5 Years $8.78/year $23.84/year
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