PositiveSSL vs RapidSSL: Explore the Differences

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What is the difference between PositiveSSL and RapidSSL? Which one is better?  

If you’re searching for the best and cheapest SSL certificate for your website, you can easily narrow down your options with two prominent brands: Comodo PositiveSSL and RapidSSL. Both provide the lowest priced SSL certificates on the market offering industry-standard encryption, attractive site seals, and generous warranties.  In this article, we have done PositiveSSL vs RapidSSL analysis to help you choose the right SSL certificate for your website.

Why You Should Choose PositiveSSL  

  • PositiveSSL is a low-cost SSL certificate line offered by Comodo CA (powered by Sectigo). After its recent acquisition, Comodo CA is rebranded as Sectigo. This is why Comodo PositiveSSL certificates are sometimes referred to as Sectigo PositiveSSL certificates. 
  • PositiveSSL certificates offer 256-bit encryption strength and 2048-bit signature length with the SHA-2 hashing algorithm. 
  • All of the site seals offered by PositiveSSL are dynamic.  
  • PositiveSSL line offers a warranty from $50,000 to $1 million.  
  • You can buy a PositiveSSL certificate directly from the certificate authority’s site positivessl.com, OR you can buy it from its platinum partner sectigostore.com and save up to 80% s on the retail price.   
  • PositiveSSL range offers a total of six types of SSL certificates.   
 Usage Retail Price Discounted Price on reseller’s site 
PositiveSSL  Domain validated SSL, secures a single domain $47/year $9.98/year 
PositiveSSL Wildcard  Domain validated SSL, secures one primary domain and its unlimited subdomains $237/year $85.66/year 
PositiveSSL Multi Domain  Domain validated SSL, secures multiple domain names  $137/year $29/year 
PositiveSSL Multi- Domain Wildcard   Domain validated SSL, secures multiple domains and their unlimited subdomains  Not Available  $174.13/year 
PositiveSSL EV Extended validated SSL, secures a single domain $137/year $88/year 
PositiveSSL EV Multi Domain  Extended validated SSL, secures multiple domain names $412/year $158.44/year 

Why You Should Choose RapidSSL  

  • RapidSSL is an independent subsidiary of DigiCert (formerly Symantec).  
  • RapidSSL certificates offer 256-bit encryption strength and 2048-bit signature length with the SHA-2 hashing algorithm. 
  • These low-cost SSL certificates are compatible with 99% browsers and customers worldwide for web site security.  
  • The brand offers two types of SSL certificates only: RapidSSL basic single domain DV SSL, and RapidSSL wildcard DV.  
  • Site seals offered by RapidSSL are static.  
  • RapidSSL offers a $10,000 warranty with both types of SSL certificates.  
  • RapidSSL does not offer premium business verification options like organization validation (OV) and extended validation (EV) certificates. That’s why it’s less recommended for businesses that handles customers’ sensitive data such as credit/debit card details, bank account numbers, SSN, passwords, health records, or any confidential information. RapidSSL is most suitable for personal websites, blogs, startups, and small business.  
  • You can buy Positive SSL directly from certificate authority’s site rapidssl.com OR buy it from its platinum partner rapidsslonline.com and can get up to 70% discounts on the retail price.   
 Usage Retail price Discounted Price on reseller’s site 
RapidSSL Certificate Secures a single domain with domain validation $59/year $12.42/year 
RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate Domain validated SSL, Secures one primary domain andunlimited subdomains with domain validation $249/year $118.36/year 

Now Let’s Compare the PositiveSSL And RapidSSL Brands Sideby Side  

 PositiveSSL RapidSSL 
Parent Organization  Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo CA) Symantec 
Browser Compatibility  99% 99% 
Signature Key 2048-bit 2048-bit 
Encryption Strength 256-bit 256-bit 
Types of SSL Offered 
Site Seal Type Dynamic  Static 
Mobile Friendly  Yes Yes 
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days 
Basic Single Domain SSL (DV) $9.98/Year, $50,000 warranty  $12.42/year, $10,000 warranty 
Wildcard SSL (DV) $85.66/year, $50,000 warranty  $118.36/year, $10,000 warranty 
Multi Domain SSL (DV) $29.00/year, $50,000 warranty Not available  
Multi Domain Wildcard (DV) $174.13/year, $50,000 warranty Not available 
Premium Single Domain SSL (EV) $88.00/year, $1,000,000 Warranty Not available 
Multi Domain SSL (EV) $158.44/year, $1,000,000 Warranty Not available 
Customer Support  24/7 Live Support 24/7 Live Support 
Server Licenses  Unlimited Unlimited