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PositiveSSL Multi-Domain

Quickly and affordable secure up to 250 domains on a single SSL certificate.

The Positive SSL Multi-Domain offers affordable access to multi-domain encryption. Within minutes you can encrypt your entire web portfolio, up to 250 domains! Best of all, you won’t find a cheaper method to do it anywhere—we’ve looked. The Positive SSL Multi-Domain offers strong 256-bit encryption strength, a 2048-bit signature key and comes backed by a $50,000 warranty. If you need to secure multiple domains, then the Positive SSL Multi-Domain is perfect for you.

  • Industry-Standard 256-bit encryption
  • Strong 2048-bit signature key
  • Encrypt up to 250 Different Domains
  • Can be issued in just minutes
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Buy New or Renew Your PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV)

  • Additional Domain/SAN Info:

    Each Additional Domain: $9.90/year (2 SAN Incl.)

    Maximum Total # of Domains: 2000

  • Additional Domain/SAN Info:

    Each Additional Domain: $8.66/year (2 SAN Incl.)

    Maximum Total # of Domains: 2000

Installation Service:

Total Domains:
Total Servers:
Total .00

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Domain Validated

Within minutes you can have your SSL certificate issued and your web presence encrypted. The Positive SSL Multi-Domain only requires proof of ownership over the registered domain. Then you’re on your way!

$50,000 Warranty

Nervous about something going wrong? Don’t be. Sectigo is so confident in its internal systems and PKI that it’s willing to cover you for up to ten grand in the event something goes awry.

Multi-Domain Functionality

Only Sectigo allows you to encrypt up to 250 domains on a single SSL certificate and only the Positive SSL Multi-Domain lets you do it this cheap. Think how much easier managing all those certificates will be!

Remove Negative Browser Indicators

We realize a big reason you’re buying SSL is because the web browsers have started marking HTTP sites as “Not Secure.” The Positive SSL Multi-Domain helps you get rid of those negative warnings and gets your domains marked “Secure.”

Key Features for: Positive SSL Multi-Domain


The Positive SSL Multi-Domain certificate is domain validated. It takes just a matter of minutes to authenticate and issue it.


In the event there is ever an issue on the CA’s end, the Positive SSL Multi-Domain is covered by a $50,000 warranty.


The Positive SSL Multi-Domain certificate can encrypt up to 250 different fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) on a single certificate.


The Positive SSL Multi-Domain certificate does not have wildcard functionality. For a comparable SSL certificate see the Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard.

Site Seal

Positive SSL comes with a dynamic Positive SSL site seal. It can be displayed on login and checkout pages to help boost consumer confidence..

Alternate Text
Product Line

Positive SSL turns your negative browser indicators positive by providing affordable access to powerful encryption products.



Domain Validation





Multi-Domian Capabilities


Wildcard Capabilities


Site Seal

Secure Trust Seal




Domain Validation


Server Licenses



Encryption Strength

Up to 256-bit


Browser Capability



Mobile Capability



Covers WWW & non-WWW


Issuance Time



Installation & Technical Support

Instructions for Generating a CSR

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Installation Instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to the most popular questions associated with SSL.

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Assurance & Authentication

The Positive SSL Multi-Domain certificate is an ideal way to secure up to 250 different domains with industry-standard encryption while also turning negative browser indicators and HTTP warnings positive. Positive SSL Multi-Domain can get your websites marked “Secure.” What it can’t do is provide any assurance beyond that. If you’re running a business and you need to provide greater assurance we suggest you look at the Positive SSL EV Multi-Domain or even take a look at a product in the Sectigo line. Positive SSL is the ideal encryption choice for a great number of people, but we have to be honest about the line’s limitations when it comes to assurance.

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