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HackerProof Trust Mark Vulnerability Scan

Show your customers you’re secure with the Sectigo HackerProof Trust Mark

The Sectigo HackerProof Trust Mark is a site seal that showcases the fact that your website undergoes daily vulnerability scans and meets Sectigo’s standards for security. This product scans your website daily using over 30,000 different vulnerability tests and provides actionable intelligence if it ever discovers one. In turn, you can place the Sectigo Secure seal on your home- and checkout pages and remind your customers that you take security seriously. This is proven to boost trust and can even grow your bottom line.

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Boosts Customer Trust

Customers demand to know what you’ve done to keep them secure on your website. The Sectigo HackerProof Trust Mark does that just that, showcasing that your website is secure and lives up to Sectigo’s standards.

Showcases Security

Sectigo, formerly Comodo, is a name that’s synonymous with security. When your customers see your Sectigo Secure seal, they know you have one of the top cybersecurity companies in the world in your corner.

Daily Vulnerability Scan

Every day Sectigo runs a full scan of your entire website. During the scan it looks for over 30,000 known vulnerabilities and in the event it finds one, it provides actionable intelligence on mitigation.

Actionable Intelligence

Just telling you that there’s a vulnerability doesn’t help all that much. You still have to fix it. Fortunately, HackerProof Trust Mark Vulnerability Scanning provides actionable intelligence on how to fix any issues it’s kicked up.

Installation & Technical Support

Instructions for Generating a CSR

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Installation Instructions

Get detailed instructions for installing this product on your particular server. Simply select what server you would like to install it on.

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Site Seal Installation

If your product comes with a site seal, you can find out exactly how to get it on your site right here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to the most popular questions associated with SSL.

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Assurance & Authentication

Nothing is more important than trust when it comes to the world of online business. Without it, you’re not going to sell, convert—whatever goal you’re trying to accomplish. Sectigo Code Signing certificates help you to build that trust by ensuring the integrity of your software and assuring your users about your identity. Internet users tend not to trust programs from unknown sources. So remove all doubt and sign your software with a Sectigo Code Signing certificate.

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