Add SSL to WordPress: Migrate Your WordPress Site to HTTPS in 6 Steps!

Here’s what to know about how to install an SSL Certificate on WordPress Nowadays, SSL certificate is mandatory for all the websites to strengthen their security posture. But as soon as you complete the purchase, an SSL certificate doesn’t automatically get installed on your website. You must follow a couple of manual steps to add SSL to WordPress. In this article, we have included all the actions you required to migrate WordPress site to https. How to Install an SSL Certificate in WordPress in 6 Easy Steps Wondering how to Continue Reading

256 Bit Encryption: Is 256 Bit Encryption Safe?

Yes, as per current technology standards, 256 bit SSL encryption (AES) is considered a safe encryption strength. But when we talk about “256 bit encryption,” what does that term actually mean? Let’s break down what you need to know about 256 bit encryption and what kind of security it provides. What is 256 Bit Encryption? A 256 bit SSL encryption is a technique that uses 256 bit key to encrypt and decrypt the data transferred between the client and the server. The most modern forms of algorithms and protocols, including Continue Reading