Comodo PositiveSSL vs InstantSSL

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What is the difference between Positive SSL and Instant SSL? Which one is better? 

If you are thinking selecting the most appropriate SSL certificate for your website is a confusing process, you’re not alone! With so many SSL certificate varieties, anyone can feel lost. In this article, we compare two of the most popular SSL certificate brands — Comodo Positive SSL and Instant SSL.  

Comodo PositiveSSL and InstantSSL are rebranded as Sectigo PositiveSSL and InstantSSL. We hope this PositiveSSL vs InstantSSL guide will provide you some helpful insights in choosing the right SSL certificate.

Positive SSL vs Instant SSL: A Look at the Similarities 

Positive SSL and Instant SSL are offered by the same parent organization or certificate authority (CA) known as Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA). Essentially, they are low- and mid-cost SSL certificate product lines of Sectigo.  

They both provide industry-standard 256-bit encryption strength and a 2048-bit signature key. Both also offer generous warranties, attractive site seals, unlimited server licenses, and 30-day money-back guarantee.   

The similarities end here when discussing PositiveSSL vs InstantSSL. Now, let’s move on to the discussing the differences between these two product lines. 

Note: If you’re not aware of the SSL validation levels or SSL certificate types and want to learn more, please check out our easy-to-follow article that breaks it all down

Differences Between PositiveSSL and InstantSSL 

There are main differences between PositiveSSL and InstantSSL certificates:

  1. Validation Levels; 
  2. Certificates Coverage; 
  3. Prices and Warranties; and 
  4. Site Seals. 

Let’s understand each difference in detail.  

1. Positive SSL vs Instant SSL: Validation Levels 

The PositiveSSL line offers SSL certificates with two main validation types: domain validation (DV) and extended validation (EV). Domain validated SSLs are the cheapest and easiest to get. They can be issued within minutes. DV SSL certificates are the best suited for blogs and informational websites — those that don’t typically collect or handle user information. Extended validation SSL certificates are considered premium SSL certificates, which are recommended for business organizations and sites that handle user information. The EV validation process typically takes two to five days to complete. Historically, this has been the only way to display your organization’s legal operating name via the major browsers. 

The InstantSSL line offers only organization validated (OV) SSL certificates. OV SSL certificates are specially designed for SMBs and startups. The certificate authority verifies the organization’s details on online government databases before issuing the OV SSL.  

2. Positive SSL vs Instant SSL: SSL Certificates Coverage

The PositiveSSL line offers all the four types of SSL certificates: 

  • Single Domain SSL (DV, EV) 
  • Wildcard SSL (DV)  
  • Multi Domain SSL (DV, EV) 
  • Multi Domain Wildcard SSL (DV) 

InstantSSL line offers only two types of SSL certificates:  

  • Single Domain SSL (OV)  
  • Wildcard SSL (OV) 

3. Positive SSL vs Instant SSL: Prices and Warranties 

Positive SSL offers the most affordable SSL certificate in the entire industry. Its’s warranty ranges from $50,000 to $1 million You can buy positive SSL certificates directly from OR from the platinum partners like If you purchase from the partner’s (vendor’s) site, you can get up to 70% discounts on the retail price. 

PositiveSSL Price and Warranty Comparison Table 

SSL Certificate Type  SSL Certificate Name  Price Per Year Warranty  Product link  
Single Domain DV PositiveSSL Certificate  $9.98  $50,000  Shop Now  
Single Domain EV  PositiveSSL EV Certificate  $88  $1,000,000  Shop Now 
Wildcard SSL DV PositiveSSL Wildcard  $85.66  $50,000  Shop Now 
Multi Domain DV PositiveSSL Multi-Domain  $29  $50,000  Shop Now 
Multi Domain EV PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain  $158.44  $1,000,000  Shop Now 
Multi Domain Wildcard SSL DV PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard  $174.13  $50,000  Shop Now 

The InstantSSL line has a wide price range suitable for all types of businesses. Its basic single domain SSL certificate is the cheapest OV SSL certificate in the industry. It also offers an enterprise-level OV SSL certificate with a premium price range. InstantSSL line offers warranties that range from $50,000 to $250,000. You can buy InstantSSL certificates from the CA directly at retail price or from at discounted rates. If you buy it from, you can avail up to 70% discounts on the retail price.  

InstantSSL Price and Warranty Comparison Table 

SSL Certificate Type  SSL Certificate Name  Price Per Year  Warranty  Product link  
Single Domain OV  InstantSSL Certificate  $33.69  $50,000  Shop Now 
Single Domain OV  InstantSSL Pro $48.11 $100,000 Shop Now 
Single Domain OV  InstantSSL Premium $66.40 $250,000 Shop Now 
Wildcard OV  InstantSSL Premium Wildcard  $133.78  $250,000  Shop Now 

4. PositiveSSL vs InstantSSL: Site Seals 

Positive SSL certificates Site seal: 


Instant SSL certificates Site Seal: 

Note: All the PositiveSSL and InstantSSL certificates’ site seals are dynamic (clickable) and complimentary. 

Now, Let’s Compare PositiveSSL And InstantSSL Side by Side  

 PositiveSSL InstantSSL 
Parent Organization  Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo CA) Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo CA) 
Browser Compatibility  99% 99% 
Signature Key 2048 bits 2048-bits 
Encryption Strength 256 bits 256 bits 
Validation Level Domain Validation (DV) Extended Validation (EV) Organization Validation (OV) 
Types of SSL Offered Single domain SSL (DV, EV),  Wildcard SSL (DV)  Multidomain SSL (DV, EV) Multidomain Wildcard SSL (DV)  Single domain SSL (OV)  Wildcard SSL (OV)  
Site Seal Design 
Site Seal Type Dynamic  Dynamic 
Mobile Friendly  Yes Yes 
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days 
Customer Support  24/7 Live Support 24/7 Live Support 
Server Licenses  Unlimited Unlimited 
 Shop Now  Shop Now