SSL Error

What is an SSL ‘Certificate_Verify_Failed’ Error and How Do I Resolve It?

We know setting up SSL certificates with Python can be confusing — that’s why we’re here to help When you’re dealing with Python or any programming language at all, there’s plenty of room for mistakes to be made or technical errors to occur. Among these potential errors is the Python SSL “certificate_verify_failed” error. Getting this error can be frustrating, especially if you’ve done your best to ensure that everything is done right. When dealing with this error, it’s important to know that it isn’t hard to solve — but it Continue Reading

SSL Certificate for Subdomain – How Do I Get One for My Website?

SSL/TLS is a secure protocol that establishes an encrypted communication channel between a web browser and a web server. It reduces the risk of sensitive information being exposed to or stolen by identity thieves or hackers. An SSL/TLS certificate installed on the server serves the dual purpose of providing a secure channel for communication as well as authenticating the website’s identity. There are different types of digital certificates offered by several big players in this market. We will be looking at two of them, namely wildcard and multi-domain wildcard SSL Continue Reading

10 Easy Tips to Fix “Your Connection Is Not Private” error in Google Chrome

Step-by-step guide for fixing an SSL certificate error “Your Connection Is Not Private” in Google Chrome “Your Connection Is Not Private” is an annoying error, and you might think you need to call a tech guy to solve it. Well, the good news is, the solution might be easy to implement, and you can fix the issue quickly by following some simple steps! Typically, you would see a “Your connect is not private” error when the website you are trying to reach has an SSL connection error (also known as Continue Reading