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Most Popular Sectigo SSL Certificates:YearsPrice/Year
Sectigo PositiveSSL Certificate
Most affordable SSL certificate (DV). $50,000 warranty.
PositiveSSL Certificate PositiveSSL Certificate $49.00
PositiveSSL Certificate Add to cart
Sectigo EssentialSSL Certificate
Basic SSL for business sites (DV). $10,000 warranty.
EssentialSSL Certificate EssentialSSL Certificate$79.95
EssentialSSL CertificateAdd to cart
Sectigo SSL Certificate
Higher assurance certificate (DV). $250,000 warranty.
Sectigo SSL Sectigo SSL$99.95
Sectigo SSL Add to cart
Sectigo PremiumSSL Certificate
Premium assurance certificate (OV). $250,000 warranty.
Premium SSL Certificate PremiumSSL Certificate$179.95
Premium SSL Certificate Add to cart
Sectigo PositiveSSL Wildcard
Secures unlimited subdomains, eg (DV). $50,000 warranty.
PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate PositiveSSL Wildcard$249.00
Sectigo Positive SSL Wildcard Add to cart

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Sectigo CA Bundle

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Sectigo Intermediate Certificate Installation Guide

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