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Sectigo PositiveSSL Certificate
Most affordable SSL certificate (DV). $50,000 warranty.
PositiveSSL Certificate PositiveSSL Certificate $49.00
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Sectigo EssentialSSL Certificate
Basic SSL for business sites (DV). $10,000 warranty.
EssentialSSL Certificate EssentialSSL Certificate$79.95
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Sectigo SSL Certificate
Higher assurance certificate (DV). $250,000 warranty.
Sectigo SSL Sectigo SSL$99.95
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Sectigo PremiumSSL Certificate
Premium assurance certificate (OV). $250,000 warranty.
Premium SSL Certificate PremiumSSL Certificate$179.95
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Sectigo PositiveSSL Wildcard
Secures unlimited subdomains, eg (DV). $50,000 warranty.
PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate PositiveSSL Wildcard$249.00
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If you’re not sure whether you need an SSL server certificate for your website, we’ll break down why you do People often contact our customer care executives to ask whether they should get an SSL certificate, a SSL server certificate, or a server authentication certificate. It can be confusing because all three of these terms basically mean the same thing. And regardless of which term you choose to use, there’s a lot to know about how these certificates work and why they’re necessary. In this article, we’ll cover everything you Continue Reading

The Advantages of Having an SSL Certificate for Your Website

Do I really need an SSL certificate for my website? We’ll explore the 5 SSL certificate advantages for your website so you can decide for yourself! If you’re wondering whether you really need an SSL certificate for your website, then you’re not alone! When you create a new website, you’re likely to come across so many new technological tools, apps, software, and digital certificates that choosing the best among them is can be a confusing process. As far as an SSL certificate is concerned, people generally consider it the third Continue Reading

What Is a Java Code Signing Certificate?

Know the benefits, cost and other features of a Java signing certificate A Java code signing certificate is just a regular code signing certificate that’s used for signing and securing all types of Java software, applications, and executable. Without a Java signing certificate, your software will display an “Unknown publisher” or “Unsigned” warning message in the security window whenever someone tries to download it. Users’ operating systems will alert the users that your software is coming from an unauthentic publisher and might be compromised, posing a security risk. But with Continue Reading

SSL Certificate: Effect, Activation, and Installation

How long does it take for SSL to take effect? While issuance time for SSL/TLS certificates varies from a few minutes to upwards of 5 days, here’s how you can accelerate the process Are you in the market for a new SSL certificate, or perhaps you’ve recently purchased one? If you’re wondering “how long does it take for SSL to take effect?” or “how long does it take for SSL to work?” then we’ve got you covered. SSL certificates come with different levels of validation, and depending on the level Continue Reading

Exchange 2016 Wildcard Certificate — Why Should I Buy It?

Getting a new SSL certificate can be a daunting process, especially since there are so many different options available. Wildcard SSL certificates are the best choice when it comes to securing multiple subdomains on a single website. If you’ve been searching for “exchange 2016 wildcard certificate” or “wildcard certificate exchange 2016”, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll discuss what a wildcard certificate is, why you should buy it, and how to get one for your Microsoft 2016 server. What Is an Exchange 2016 Wildcard Certificate? A wildcard certificate Continue Reading

How Do I Generate a Self Signed Code Signing Certificate?

Before we get into how you can create a self signed code signing certificate, let’s understand what it is, how it is different from the ones offered by a third-party certificate authority (CA), and which one is more suited for your specific needs. Without further ado, let’s jump right in! What Is a Code Signing Certificate? A code signing certificate is a data file that places a cryptographic digital signature on your code. I say cryptographic because I don’t want some of you to think of it as a digitized Continue Reading

What Is 128 Bit Encryption? Should I Avoid 128 Bit SSL Encryption?

If you’re a website owner who’s been worrying endlessly about encryption strengths and whether to opt for a 128 bit encryption or 256-bit encryption, you’ve just got to read on to ease your nerves! For our other tech-savvy readers, concerned about accessing insecure websites, we’ll look at if a 128 bit SSL encryption standard can be adopted with reasonable safety. When it comes to choosing the right encryption strength in terms of a digital certificate, most sellers offer up to 256-bit encryption. Still, the actual encryption level that’s utilized to Continue Reading

Do I Really Need an Email Encryption Certificate for Outlook?

If you care about the security of your email communication, then yes, you need an email encryption certificate, or what’s also known as an email signing certificate or S/MIME certificate! This is not the same thing as an email server certificate, which encrypts the email server itself. If you’re using emails for professional purposes or sending and receiving any sensitive information— which is too dangerous if it were to get leaked— an email encryption certificate is a must for your Outlook (or for any other email client). But if you Continue Reading

A CA Signed Certificate — Features, Technical Specifications and More

What is a CA signed certificate, why is it trusted, and how do you choose the best one for your site?  All the digital certificates that are signed by a publicly trusted certificate authority (CA) are considered to be CA signed certificates. Although the term “CA singed certificate” is frequently used to describe an SSL/TLS certificate, it also includes other types of X.509 digital certificates such as code signing certificates, email signing certificates, and document signing certificates. A CA signed certificate is trusted by all the browsers, email clients, and operating systems.   In this article, we’ll answer why the CA signed certificates are considered safe and how to choose the most suitable certificate Continue Reading

What Is an Email Digital Signature Certificate?

Do I need an email digital signature certificate? Explore the features and benefits to make a well-informed decision! Emails have become an integrated part of today’s society. We all use it for personal and business communications. But do you know who else loves emails? Cybercriminals! Business email compromise/email account compromise (BEC/EAC), one of the most common cybercrimes, occurs when an attacker compromises legitimate business or personal email accounts to conduct unauthorized transfers of funds. Domestic and international victims of BEC/EAC reported a total of $26,201,775,589 loss between June 2016 and July Continue Reading