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Sectigo PositiveSSL Certificate
Most affordable SSL certificate (DV). $50,000 warranty.
PositiveSSL Certificate PositiveSSL Certificate $49.00
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Sectigo EssentialSSL Certificate
Basic SSL for business sites (DV). $10,000 warranty.
EssentialSSL Certificate EssentialSSL Certificate$79.95
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Sectigo SSL Certificate
Higher assurance certificate (DV). $250,000 warranty.
Sectigo SSL Sectigo SSL$99.95
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Sectigo PremiumSSL Certificate
Premium assurance certificate (OV). $250,000 warranty.
Premium SSL Certificate PremiumSSL Certificate$179.95
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Sectigo PositiveSSL Wildcard
Secures unlimited subdomains, eg (DV). $50,000 warranty.
PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate PositiveSSL Wildcard$249.00
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What Is an ECC SSL Certificate & How Do I Get One for My Website?

Here’s what an ECC SSL certificate will do for your website. When you’re searching for website security certificates, terms such as SSL certificate, TLS certificate, RSA certificate, ECC SSL certificate, and many more are thrown your way. Well, if these terms are causing you some headaches, then you’re not the only one. But don’t you worry as we’re here to cure that headache of yours. In this article, we’ll be talking about ECC SSL certificates, why they’re used, and how you can get one for your website. But before we Continue Reading

Personal Authentication Certificate: What Is a 2 Way SSL Certificate?

A quick guide on what a two way SSL certificate does and how you can use it for mutual authentication An SSL/TLS certificate is used to secure the data transmission between a user’s browser and the website’s server. When most people talk about these certificates, they’re referring to server certificates, which are used to authenticate servers to clients. However, what if you need to perform client authentication, meaning that you want to authenticate the client to the browser? This is where two way SSL certificates (or “2 way SSL”) come Continue Reading

How Do I Get & Use a WordPress Multisite SSL Certificate on My Site?

We’ve got the scoop with everything you need to know about SSL multisite solutions for WordPress platform users You may not realize this, but a “WordPress multisite SSL certificate” doesn’t actually exist — it’s just a multi-domain SSL certificate that’s used on a WordPress website. So, in a way, a WordPress multisite SSL certificate is just the synonym of a WordPress multi-domain SSL certificate. Now that you know the truth, the next question is, are you aware of what a WordPress multisite SSL certificate covers and how you can deploy Continue Reading

How Does HTTPS Work to Improve Website Security?

Wondering how does HTTPS encryption really work? We’ll break it down into 5 simple steps  It’s no secret that an HTTPS connection is required for data security on websites. In fact, Google uses it as one of its search ranking factors. But to answer the question “how does HTTPS work?” you first need to understand how an HTTPS connection protects your data and what role an SSL certificate plays in the HTTPS protocol enabling process.   This is where an SSL/TLS certificate comes into play.  In this article, we will answer your questions about “how does HTTPS work?” and “how does HTTPS encryption work?” We’ll also explore how it secures data, and how an SSL certificate is required to enable the HTTPS protocol in the first place.    How Does HTTPS Work?  The hypertext transfer protocol Continue Reading

Digital Signature vs Digital Certificate — A Look at the Differences

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Self Signed Certificate vs CA Certificate — The Differences Explained

One type of certificate is meant for internal use and the other can be used on external sites — do you know the difference? Your website is an integral part of your business, and you must not take any risks when it comes to its security. If you’re searching for the best SSL/TLS certificate for your website and have come across the option of a self-signed certificate, you should know everything about it and how it differs from its alternative solution, i.e., a CA-signed certificate. In this article, we’ll help Continue Reading

The Purpose of an SSL Certificate — Here’s What to Know

What is an SSL certificate used for? Do I really need one for my website? Before understanding the purpose of an SSL certificate, let’s consider this simple scenario. Suppose you’re completing your tax return on the official IRS website ( That means you’re supplying your financial information, social security number, tax identification number, and other employment-related data on that website.  How can you make sure your information is only going to be received by’s server? How do you know your information isn’t being redirected to someone else’s server, or Continue Reading

The 5 Best SSL Certificates of 2020

Explore everything you need to know about the best SSL certificates — their prices, technical features, warranties, domain coverage, and validation levels! In today’s digital era, a website is an integral part of any business’s success. That’s why a sincere business owner chooses only the best for their site. This can include having the best domain name, tools, plugins, designs, hosting, and of course, the best SSL certificate! An SSL certificate is an essential part of a website’s security posture. It asserts organizational identity and enables data encryption while the Continue Reading