Email Encryption

How Do I Encrypt an Email & Send It Through Gmail or Outlook?

Data privacy concerns are on the rise, and they are creating quite a stir in the cyber security community. Encryption, as a means to have private conversations that cannot be read by a snooping third party, or as a solution to transfer files untampered, is gaining momentum. If you’ve been asking yourself, “but how do I encrypt an email?” you’ve come to the right place. But before getting into how to send a secure email, let’s gain an understanding of encryption. What is Email Encryption? Email encryption makes your messages Continue Reading

What Is an S/MIME Certificate and How Does It Work?

Even though personal and business email communications are commonplace today, it continues to be one of the most vulnerable platforms in terms of security. Email security is a major concern for most businesses, as it’s often the weak point in their digital infrastructure. Some common email threats include eavesdropping, delivering malware through emails, address spoofing, phishing, etc. People continue to fall prey to these attacks and spam, with technology not being able to filter out every scam email. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that we actively participate in ensuring Continue Reading

What is an Encrypted Email and How Does Encryption Work?

Using Secure Email Ensures That Only Your Intended Recipients Can Read Your Messages What is an encrypted email? Email encryption refers to the method of securing email messages by making them unreadable by an attacker who listens in over the network. So, what makes them so secure? An encrypted email is one that’s sent out over an encrypted communication channel and is secured using standard encryption protocols. If you use an untrusted connection (like a public Wi-Fi), details such as your email login credentials, or any messages sent or received Continue Reading