What is CodeGuard? — Your Ultimate CodeGuard Guide

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If you are looking for an automated backup tool, we can confidently say that you are an awaken a tech-savvy person who is serious about their website and business. Isn’t it strange that some people are still unaware of the fact that hosting companies store the backup files on the same location/server where the original files are saved? So, when a web host’s server crashes or is hit by a cyberattack, the customers end up losing both types of files — both the originals and the backup versions! Pat yourself as you have already come out from that naïve zone and decided to take your website’s backup control on your own hands.

As far as automated backup tools are concerned, CodeGuard is one of the most recommended automated backup tools available in the market. In this article, we cover all of the commonly asked questions and queries about CodeGuard so that you can make the right decision.

So, without further delay, let’s explore everything about CodeGuard by answering the top FAQs.

What is CodeGuard

CodeGuard is an automated website backup tool. It stores the backup data on the third-party cloud platform and features a one-click restore function. It uses a 256-bit AES key to encrypt the backup files. It also continually monitors website and notifies you whenever it observes any changes. With the monitoring capabilities, no additions, modifications, and deletions can slip through your eyes, and you can get early alerts to notify you when unwanted changes take place.

How does CodeGuard work?

Once you place the order, you’ll get access to CodeGuard’s dashboard. You need to add your server’s FTP/SFTP and MySQL database and initiate the first backup. Once the CodeGuard is successfully connected to the server, it’ll automatically take the backup of your files and databases on a daily basis. It also has a plugin available for WordPress sites. You can access the backup files anytime you want from CodeGuard’s dashboard. It has an easy one-click restore option too.
For detailed instructions, please check out the below articles.
·         How to back up your website with CodeGuard using FTP/SFTP
·         How to back up your MySQL database with CodeGuard.
·         How to use CodeGuard WordPress plugin

Where does CodeGuard store backup data?

CodeGuard stores backup data on the Amazon Web Service’s cloud platform Simple Storage Service (S3).

Do I need to buy space on AWS to store CodeGuard’s backup files?

No! CodeGuard offers FREE space on AWS. The amount of storage space varies for the different plans. The minimum space offered is 1 GB with the basic plan, and the maximum space is 100 GB offered with the business plan.

How to encrypt backup files with CodeGuard

CodeGuard will automatically encrypt backup files. You don’t need to follow any manual procedures or write any additional codes to encrypt your backup files. CodeGuard uses a 256-bit AES encryption key to protect your backup data.

Does CodeGuard back up databases?

Yes. CodeGuard does back up databases. It supports MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases.

How to back up the SQL database with CodeGuard?

To add a database on CodeGuard, you will need the following details. You can either find them from your cPanel account or get them from your hosting site provider:
• Database name,
• MySQL hostname or IP,
• Username,
• Password, and
• Port number.

Once you get the above information, please follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned in our article How to back up your MySQL database with CodeGuard.

Can I back up my website if I don’t have access to cPanel?

You can use CodeGuard even if you don’t have access to cPanel. You need to ask your hosting provider’s support team to create an FTP/SFTP account for you and share the following details:
·         FTP username,
·         FTP password,
·         FTP server,
·         FTP and explicit FTPS port
Once you get access to these details, please follow our CodeGuard FTP/SFTP backup guide to take a backup of your website using CodeGuard.

How long are the backups stored in the CodeGuard account?

By default, CodeGuard retains the backup files for 90 days. However, you can manually set this storage time from its Backup Retention Settings section under the Account Settings tab.

Is there any CodeGuard free trial version available?

No. CodeGuard doesn’t have any free trial version. But you can choose a monthly billing cycle if you want to use CodeGuard on a trial basis. The monthly plan starts from $4/month. It is a professional plan, which comes with 5 GB storage and can be used to back up a maximum of five websites. You will be billed monthly and can cancel your subscription at any time.

Does CodeGuard offer a WordPress plugin?

Yes. CodeGuard offers a WordPress plugin to install on your WordPress dashboard. This method is preferable for premium, team, and business plans as they provide more storage space. 
You can have access to the WordPress plugin with basic and professional plans, but usage is advisable only if your website’s size is smaller. Otherwise, the FTP/SFTP backup method is recommended for medium to large WordPress sites if you have chosen the Basic or Professional plan.
Check out our step-by-step instructions on How to use CodeGuard WordPress plugin.

Why is the backup file size smaller than my actual site?

While your concern is understandable, there’s nothing to worry about. The difference in size is because CodeGuard compresses backup files and databases so that they occupy lesser space on the cloud.

Will I get a free Malware detection tool with CodeGuard?

Yes. All CodeGuard plans come with a free MalwareGone scanner. This tool scans your website for malware on a daily basis. If it finds any, it removes the affected file(s) before taking the backup. CodeGuard’s malware scanner is more efficient and reliable because it already has the previous version of your files to compare it to. So, when it removes an infected file, you won’t be in a helpless situation after losing an important file because you already have the previous (and unaffected) version of it.

CodeGuard Features

Are there any deals or discounts available on CodeGuard?

If you buy CodeGuard from SectigoStore.com, you can avail a massive discount on the retail price. Check out our discounted rates:

Plans Basic Professional Premium Team Business
Retail Price $3/month $6.5/month $12/month $25/month $90/month
Our Price $1.63/month $3.33/month $6.25/month $12.50/month $41.67/month
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Can I use CodeGuard for multiple websites?

Yes. You can add up to 100 websites under a single CodeGuard account. Check out our various plans to get an idea about the number of website coverage:

Plans Basic Professional Premium Team  Business
Website 1 Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 25 Up to 100

How much storage space is provided by CodeGuard on AWS?

Check out the storage space offered by different CodeGuard plans:

Plans Basic Professional Premium Team Business
Storage Space 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 25 GB 100 GB

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